Cordite Poetry Review.

The latest issue of Cordite Poetry Review, guest-edited by poet Nathan Curnow, was released today and focuses on monsters.

Libby’s poem, ‘Agatha’, was selected for this issue and centres on the torture Agatha of Sicily (231-251 AD) endured because she rejected a powerful man’s advances. The man in question was Quintanus, the Governor of Sicily.

‘Agatha’ can be found here.

See here for more details about 91: Monster.

Libby Hart

Manchester Poetry Prize.

Libby Hart was recently shortlisted for the Manchester Poetry Prize 2018 for her portfolio of three poems: ‘Óiche Shamhna,’ ‘Fyre’ and ‘Totemic Word-hoard’.

See here for more details about the prize.

Shortlisted poems can be found here.

Libby Hart